I am a  selfie-taking, video-making, ocean sailing, and terrible-dancing world traveler.. I love to explore new places and try new things, all while sharing it with you, my friends! 

i like being different

There are a lot of TV hosts and personalities out there. Most shows are based in a studio. But who wants to be in the same place all the time?

What i do 

i make videos about traveling, dating and life.

The goal at The Kabir Channel isn't to try and make the most amount of videos or impress everyone all the time. The idea is that we want to make videos about real life, and have fun doing it. 

Instead of using the conventional tools to produce content, we think outside the box. The more different an idea is, the more likely we're going to do it. 

"Dare to be Different"...that's what I always say!